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I've been tagged in the Blog Hop Tour and I'm super excited to be here. Shout out and a clink of wine glasses to my girl, Kimberly Belle, who added me to the tour. You absolutely must check out her site and blog out. Her debut novel, The Last Breath, releases September 20th. I've read it, love it, and you will, too! Kimberly's one of the most amazing women I know - crazy smart, runway gorgeous (and doesn't know it), and fiercely witty.

Check out Nancy Cavanaugh's site, as well! We are agent mates (Go Team Root!) and she's written simply wonderful middle-grade books. Her second book, Always, Abigail, releases in the fall! Till then, you can read her first book, This Journal Belongs to Ratchet. You'll love it - I promise! Share it with your favorite middle-graders for a fun read! Nancy's turn on the Blog Hop Tour is next Monday, April 21st.

What are you currently writing?

I just finished the first round of efforts on Accidentally Evil, Book 2 of The XYZ’s of Being Wicked middle-grade series.  Many authors find the editing process tedious (I’m one of them!), but I actually love it.  I mean, LOVE it!  It has something to do with rereading the story after not working on it for a couple of months.  I fall in love with the characters all over again, like I’m visiting old friends.  

I have another top-secret project on submission that has been so much fun to plot and write.  I can’t say much about it at the moment, but it’s so much fun a bit of a turn from my usual books.  I can tell you this - there’s an artist, an intriguing man from past centuries, a pact with God, and a life-changing clock ticking down the hours until love is lost or gained.

Writers are always plotting their next book!  Right now, I’m working on a new book that’s been rattling around in my head for years (no, really… y-e-a-r-s!).  It tackles themes of truth, identity, loyalty, and life after death.  

What makes your work different? 

My writing speaks to readers about real life issues : self-acceptance, loyalty, believing in yourself, friendship, and the importance of family (real or created). In Flawless, Sarah struggles with accepting who she is and her jealousy of her best friend. In The XYZ's of Being Wicked, Hallie has to find out who she was born to be, let go of what she expected, and embrace her future.

Why do you write what you write? 

I write about all the things I wish I’d known when I was a teenager.  I write about knowing how to be (and recognized) a true friend, appreciating your value as an individual (we all have our own special gifts), and not taking yourself or life or gossip or drama too seriously.  And I try to write this in a funny, relevant way that readers find accessible.  

What is your writing process?

I almost always come up with a title first, then the basic plot line in a couple of sentences.  From there, I use Lisa Miller’s class, Story Structure Safari, to dig into the characters and plot.  Then I plot the book by chapter as detailed as possible, and only then do I begin writing.  

I wish I had some magical writing space, but I really write wherever I can: on the couch while “watching” cooking shows, in the kitchen while dinner’s cooking, in bed on the weekends, in my recliner before everyone wakes up.  Regardless of where I write at home, my two dachshunds are right beside me.  

Well... that's my process - it isn't pretty (or easy) but it works for me! What's your writing process? I hope you'll follow me on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch!


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